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How to save $100.00 a Month

or $12oo at Yeaor $12,000 a Decade or $48,000 over 40 years

1. Switch your phone service to Google Fi. - Google Fi is only 20 Dollars a month and runs like a charm! More info later.

2. Get rid of your cable bill. - After cutting my DirectTV subscription we are saving a lot of money, and guess what - we feel a lot better to. Cable television is an institution in and of itself. There are simply too many adds and exposing yourself to that much imagery frankly isn't very healthy.

Other Recommendations


Bed Stilts - put your stuff in bins and then put them under your bed to save space. As the price of real estate rises, the best way to save money and eliminate risk and consume less space.


Sell most of your stuff on Craigslist - We are fascinating by “the aftermarket” for consumer products. We do not agree with putting on the pedestal all things “new and innovative”. See how much you can sell and turn into cash. This means less to worry about, clean, dust, and find and organize.


This is almost a cliche, but watch how you allocate your time towards film, television, radio, CDs, DVDs, social media, web browsing, newspapers, books, magazines, and yes even consolidators such as ourselves!


Things we are cautious about:


Glitzy things. We approach all things glitzy with a natural and rational skepticism.


How do we make money?


We are in the process of bringing people on as Members. These are our members, and it does have perks.


Membership Pricing: $4.00 a month or 40.00 a year | $7.00 a month of 70.00 a year | $10.00 a month or $100 a year | is a platform to showcase things, places, products and people that have proved to be of interest to us. 


You will find individuals as well as merchants showcasing their personalities, products, services and ideas on 


We hope that you will find our presence to relax and simplify your internet experience, and make your offline life more dynamic and pleasant as well.

BOOKINGS | A Travel Agency

BIKES | BUSES | BOATS | Midtown Manhattan Street Sales

BAYNES.TV | Curation of TV we like.

BAR | Trying to have fun


Our primary monetization source is:

for if you want to go to Florida 

or somewhere like that

But realistically any contribution you can make is greatly appreciated. We know everyone is either subsidized or subsidizes in some way shape of form -- everyone has a different capacity to pay. 



We also have a directory, Baynes Book. Basically, we pick vendors out and match you with them and collect a commission.


So even if you don't buy any services from Baynes book, we can still “work together” through our memberships to support or content channels.


We hope to get our income to $75k and then we will begin to recalibrate and rethink things. That's 750 Members at the $100.00 Gold Membership Level. Or 1875 Members at the $40.00 a year level.


Client:: What do you offer?

Baynes Online is an interesting project. It all started while running the bicycle service here in Kensington, Brooklyn. We realized that our ability to engage with and create adventurous and exciting experiences for our clients was quite unique. And so, we decided to add more product lines.

It's a bit of an unprecedented project. A travel, leisure, services and gifting business with a variety of product lines designed to make our clients relax a little bit but also seek out learning and adventure.

What we wish is to assemble a group of clients who will not only buy from us but create a community as well.


It's a lofty goal that we are intent on bringing to life.

Client:: Why do I need your services?


In a frenzied and chaotic internet, we provide simplicity. From our daily news posts, to our directory, you can find solace in reaching out to us as your curator in absence of the complexities of the scattered internet.


If you are thinking of sending a gift or a card, we are more than happy and prepared to take that on.

Client: What kind of person  is this for? Am I a client that you can add value for?


Our ideal client is someone who seeks out simplicity, and to work with a company that can unify and minimize the variance you will find on an every day basis.


We also like to work with people who can appreciate design, humor, and sincere customer service.


Since we will be planning your travel and leisure time, we want to work with people that trusts our judgement and engage with the leisure world with distinct tastes but also a very open mind.​

Client: What's your story? I want to hear about you.

Well, I hail from Rochester, NY, and have lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Southwest Florida, and in New York City. We currently live and work out of New York City -- which we understand is both a great privilege and a great opportunity.

Client: Why should I trust you?

Trust is the basic tenet of our brand.

It helps that we have low operating costs, and that I also have a day job. I do not have the pressure to close sales, and there is no one on a fixed payroll that we need to provide weekly wages for. 

In short, we can afford to say no -- to sales that we do not feel are right for our clients, to vendors we don't feel comfortable working with, to advertising and marketing styles that do not sit well with us.

What's next for your company? How will you stay ahead of the curve?

As you may have noticed by now, or will shortly after browsing our website and learning more about us, is that we are willing to try new things. As a new enterprise, every day we seek out ways to make our client base happy to be working with us.

Mailing List | Email and Paper Mailing Lists


We aren't naive enough to think you will visit our website frequently to check up on us.

We have both a paper and an email mailing list so that we can continue our conversation.


212-729-1150 | | 490 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11218 | Aug 14, 2018

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We encourage you to call/text/email us with questions. We differentiate from other companies by warmly welcoming customer service inquiries.